It is a great pleasure to welcome our new TPF member in THE NETHERLANDS:



Rapenburg 3,

2952 AP Alblasserdam,

Rotterdam (The Netherlands)

Office Telephone:                

HQ +31 850 491 555         

AIR +31 850 491 550



Marinus van der Sluijs

Ronald Schöttelndreier

Sander van Harten

We give MOOVLE the warmest welcome to our group and encourage you all to develop business with them.




Due to the many recent complaints from many countries against China about unqualified masks without valid CE / FDA / other countries’ certificates, the China Customs strictly implemented very tough inspection on each export shipment of medical items including medical MASKS from Apr 1st, 2020. The Customs inspection rate is almost 100%.


A big number of masks have not been allowed to be exported and, in some cases, case, the unqualified masks have been confiscated by China Customs.


This means there is a high risk that our members’ clients pay their suppliers without for mask without checking carefully and making sure if the certificate is valid in their country.


KORMAN GROUP has created a specific department to deal with all the issues that the enormous increase in demand for medical supplies has generated. And they found that most of the certificates fot ptofuctd in the market are not valid as most are issued by parties who are not authorized by EU, USA or other countries.  Therefore, they urgently recommend all TPF members to remind their clients to be extremely careful when dealing with this matter.


Following this, KORMAN highly suggest that you contact them to provide the contact details of your customers’ suppliers so that they can check them themselves and comment to you if they have valid certificates and export documents for export usage.


Please contact Mia Wang at


We want to thank KORMAN very much for this very kind gesture of cooperation, professionalism and friendship.