GAM 2020
Members' competitions

TPF GAMs always have a recreational aspect. For this reason, instead of our usual awards and prizes, this year we are going to hold the following competitions:



The title of the photo you submit should be “AN AMAZING OPERATION” and it should show, as you can guess, an image of an operation you dealt with which was especially interesting, complicated, fun… let’s say: unusual.

They should be original digital photos with a short explanation of what, where and when and, if necessary, why the operation was so unusual. Each participant can take part with a maximum number of three (3) photographs.



The title for this will be: “A WORK ANECDOTE”. We want you to tell us an anecdote (fun, interesting, unbelievable, unexpected…) that happened to you while working in this amazing industry which is freight forwarding. In this competition we will not be judging the literary style but the relevance and interest of the anecdotes.

They should be original stories in digital form with a maximum of 350 words. Each participant can take part with two (2) stories.



In this case, we want you to share with us one sentence, phrase, motto that you think can help others feel better in these difficult times. Each participant can take part with three (3) motivational phrases.


The limit of time to submit your pieces will be October 31. The winners will be decided by the vote of all the TPF members (one vote per company) and announced in November.


There will be prizes so… DO YOUR BEST!