TPF General Assembly Meetings have always been a very special event and this year is not going to be different!


From October 17th to 24th, join us at our virtual meeting and make the best of this networking opportunity free of cost.


We will hold our usual General Meeting, Committee Meetings and Networking Meetings by region. Then, all attendees will have the opportunity to meet on a one-to-one basis to build business together.


Our platform will be opened for you from Monday October 12th so that you can start requesting one-to-one meetings and bookings with attendees will be allowed till the very last minute.


Check the agenda for our event and other information on our website at tpfnetwork.org and download your registration form.


Due to technical limitations, if you are not a TPF member and want to take part in this event, kindly contact TPF’s Management Office at management@tpfnetwork.org

We are looking forward to meeting with you!